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Company Profile

Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was born along the river and was established in 1994. It is the place where the Yangtze River is flourishing. The factory covers an area of 146,000 square meters and has more than 600 employees. The company has always taken "inheriting the essence, keeping integrity and innovation" as its action guide, integrating modern scientific and technological concepts, and has a complete pretreatment system for Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine extraction systems and solid/external preparations system.

The joint-stock company produces a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. It has 7 dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, granules, oral solutions, syrups, decoctions, and teas, and 4 varieties (enalapril maleate tablets, terla Zosin capsules, ibuprofen, nifedipine sustained-release tablets (I)), and 6 product specifications have successively passed the consistency evaluation of generic drugs. The company's star products Weisu Granules and Diling Weitong Granules have brought good news to tens of thousands of stomach pain patients after their launch. They have been recommended by many authoritative experts in the field of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and won the first brand of product quality in China for user satisfaction.

The joint-stock company has always maintained the quality spirit of continuous improvement. All production workshops have passed GMP certification, and have successively passed the three-standard integration system certification, GEP, CNAS, and measurement system certification, and actively implement lean quality management, Six Sigma management, and QC group activities. Since 2011, he has organized and participated in the publication of 119 national QCC papers, all of which have won the first prize. Continuously improve the level of production automation, and use advanced technology to ensure the quality of each drug. At present, two workshops have won the title of provincial demonstration intelligent workshop. Based on the role of the new product incubator of the joint-stock company, with flexible production capacity of multiple dosage forms and years of technical precipitation, it has won the title of "Taizhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction Engineering Research Center".

The enterprise shoulders not only the development of the enterprise itself, but also the responsibility of connecting with the society. The company always adheres to the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, with multiple monitoring of safety and environmental protection, and is committed to building a green and healthy ecological enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine.

Company Culture

Enterprise Mission:Forge ahead and protect all beings

Core Values:High Quality, Benefiting the People, Innovation, Perfection

Corporate Vision: Be the strongest and world-class pharmaceutical company in China

Quality management mode: A drug quality risk management mode with the mission of "seeking for progress and protecting all beings"

Brand spirit:The brand is the soul of the enterprise and the quality is the soul of the brand

Brand Culture: Pharmaceuticals for Parents, Pharmaceuticals for Relatives

Quality Spirit:No difficulty can knock me down, only quality

Three Values:People are worth what they are worth when they are worthwhile

Three effects:Efficiency Effect Benefit

Three public: Fair, just and open

Four modernizations:Institutionalization Standardization Precision Intelligentization

Three Forgets: Forgetful decision-making, selfless management, selfless work

Three do not forget: Do not forget the party's policy, do not forget the national interest, do not forget the well-being of the masses

  • 2021 Taizhou Engineering Research Center
  • Advanced subsidiary in mid-2021
  • 2021 QC papers published
  • Advanced subsidiary in mid-2020
  • 2019 ICQCC papers published
  • Energy Management System Certification
  • CNAS certification
  • CNAS certification
  • Smart workshop
  • Demonstration team
  • Demonstration smart workshop
  • Extract Production Alliance Unit
  • Advanced Enterprise
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